Northern California Dreamin’

I’m moving to California!

San Francisco, California, that is.

Since I came back from Bangladesh, I’ve been feeling restless. As much as I love NYC, I wanted out. I’ve lived my entire life within a 10-block radius, even attended a local college and I was just sick of it. I also wanted a career change, having decided that the women’s magazine world is not for me (though I still plan on writing for them as a freelancer writer). One of the things I realized during my trip to Bangladesh is my interest and passion for South Asian culture and of course my empathy for the people connected to my roots. I started looking into the media side of non-profit organizations and got called for an interview in San Francisco. !I flew out to SF during the first week of May and after an exhilarating (and exhausting!) 6 hour interview, I got the job. And now I’m packing up as much as my life as I can fit into two packing boxes and a carry-on and moving to the other side of the country in 16 days!

When I was in SF interviewing, I thought ahead and apartment-hunted in a few areas that I read are safe and affordable (Inner Sunset and Inner Richmond, mostly) so thankfully I don’t have to stress over that when I get there. San Francisco housing is notoriously expensive, so I’m sharing a 4 bedroom apartment with three other girls all in their mid to late 20’s. The girls seem super friendly and trust-worthy and I’m glad I’ll have roommates at first to help me navigate the city and get over being away from my family for the first time! My bedroom is the same size as my current bedroom and has huge bay windows and a walk-in closet, so hopefully I won’t have to buy much furniture.

San Francisco is absolutely beautiful and I loved it for the three days I was there. Transportation is super convenient; I love that it’s a metropolitan city that’s small geographically. I know absolutely no one in the Bay Area, which I’m a little anxious about, but hopefully I’ll make friends soon. I’m also excited about taking my career in a totally different direction.I have a ton of expectations, anxieties, fears and of course a cart load of excitement that’s wearing me down.

Here are some snaps from my short trip there. I didn’t get to do a lot, in between interviewing and apartment hunting.

Downtown SF

Fresh Strawberries @ Fisherman



yummy seafood at Fisherman's Wharf


view of Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman

Japanese Tea House inside the Japanese Tea Garden


6 thoughts on “Northern California Dreamin’

  1. One thing I love about you is that you are always a high achiever. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished, alhamdullilah.

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