Missing Dhaka

I got back from Dhaka about a week agoand it took me this long to write a post. Dhaka was a mix of good and bad. After the initial culture shock, I got into the groove of life in Dhaka. Dhaka is awesome for people-watching, a million things happen at once in one place and there’s no room for boredom for an outsider like me. I wouldn’t have came back after only two months, I wouldve liked to stay longer, but living with my ultra-conservative aunt and uncle was getting unbearable.

Towards the end of my two-month trip, I was getting antsy about coming back to New York but now that I’m back, I wish I had been able to stay longer. At the same time, I understand that living with my relatives wasn’t the best possible option. But, I miss my two-month faily life in Dhaka. Hopping on a rickshaw, going out for fuchkas, wearing pretty salwar kameezes…

So, now I’m back and trying to figure out what my next step in life is. I’m 26 and starting all over…

Gulshan -- an upscale shopping area in Dhaka

CNG -- a popular form of transportation

Coconut Water Vendor

The oddly colored house that I passed everyday in Zigatala

Jilebis (a fried sweet shaped like a pretzel) frying

waiting in a traffic jam

Kheer (Rice Pudding)

Beggars diving up the day's earnings


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