Time Out

stressed-outI need a serious time out. The problem is not that I’m overworked, the problem is that I’ve taken on too many projects at one time and I’m seriously scared that I’m going to end up sucking at all of them because I can’t devote enough time to each!

– My full-time copywriting/web production job
– Journalism courses (which gives me insane amounts of work!)
The Sari-Clad Bride (my wedding blog that I co-write with two other girls and we still can’t get all the things we want done!)
– Freelance writing (I haven’t pitched a story in months because I just haven’t had the time!)
– Sunehra’s Health and Beauty Talk (My Health and Beauty blog)
– Studying for the GRE
– Grad school Apps

Most of this I can handle, but what I’m really worried about is the GRE. I just do not have the time to study for it. I need sleep and a serious vacation!


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