It’s week three of my brand spankin’ new job and I’m happy. I had forgotten what corporate perks, a steady paycheck and health benefits felt like! 

I think I’ll always struggle with the indecision of whether I want the creative freedom of a full-time journalist or the easier lifestyle of a media employee but I think I can achieve a happy medium with this position. My duties consist of web production, writing and editing web copy and press material as well as marketing/public relations. It’s a good mix and not too far from the  work I was doing at online magazines, so I don’t  think it would be too hard to get back into the magazine world. Although, at this point, I can’t really imagine why I would want to (but that might change)!

I will continue freelance writing and blogging part-time. 

So, that’s the game plan: interactive marketing producer by day, freelance writer and blogger by night!


One thought on “Corporate-Happy

  1. I’ve always appreciated the comfort of a regular pay check and health benefits. I actually like the structure of a full-time job too. But, there is never enough time to write!

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