Not Settling for Less

low-pay-1979-vI recently took up a few assignments  that were extremely low-paying (less than .10 per word) because the client called it a ‘trial run’ and if it worked out, I would be paid better in the future and promoted to contributing editor. Seeing as that I don’t have many projects on my plate, I decided to give it a try. Now, here I am, struggling to finish the first assignment, already a few hours past deadline and I simply can’t find the motivation for it. I am sick of getting paid next to nothing for my hard work, especially in this case where I won’t even be getting a byline!

I’ll finish the assignments because I would feel guilty otherwise but after this I’m done. I’m aiming for the big leagues, no matter how many times I get rejected. It’s time I stop playing it safe.


One thought on “Not Settling for Less

  1. Don’t feel bad. You learned an important lesson, and that’s worth something. You know, builds character, yadda yadda yadda. Good luck!

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