Summer Options

writingbybeachI like having a well-laid out plan, even if I don’t always stick to it. My freelance job is about to end in another two-three weeks and I have no idea what I’m going to do afterwards. I got lucky with this job and got it a week after the previous one  ended but summer is on it’s way and I really can’t expect to get so lucky, again. I’ve been juggling a few options;

(a) public relations internship–I always thought I’d be a good PR person because I have the serious gift of gab. But, I have no experience whatsoever. It hurts my journalistic sentiments, though, but it made it might not be a bad experience.

(b) trek up to Toronto to live with my best friend until I start getting some interviews or job offers. I can work on my writing and launch my blogs. Still, no way to generate any steady income, though!

(c) Take a job in the Hamptons for the summer. I am interviewing for a editorial position tomorrow for a new online magazine about the Hamptons. The catch is that there really is no ‘salary’, just a weekly stipend, perks (whatever that is) and a summer stay at an amazing house. Hmm, writing by the beach for a summer? Sounds like a dream, no? It’s something I always read or hear about–taking a few months off to live in a summer home somewhere and just write away. How feasible is it? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

The prospect of a full-time job seems very dim right now and who knows how much longer I will have to continue to freelance. I haven’t really been giving my all in terms of pitching stories. I really should be working on that with a full-force right now but writing after a full day of work is something excruciatingly painful. I must admit that I’ve been slacking off though, because of some personal issues I’m going through. The motivation is lacking a little bit, but I’m sure I’ll be on track…



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