Netflexin': Mad Men

If you’re trying to get away from these depressing economic times, put AMC’s Mad Men on your netflix queue. You’ll get a weekly dosage of what New York City was truly like in it’s hey-dey; sexist, racist, ignorant and undeniable glamourous.

The series revolves around an unstoppable Advertising Executive, Don Draper, who is a a notorious jerk yet mysteriously sexy and undeniably charming. He’s married to his work and his mistress, giving an occassional nod of attention to his pretty lil’ wife and children. Other notable characters include Don’s perfectly imperfect wife, Elizabeth (an ex-model),  the buxomy Office Manager, Joan (the fiery redhead is quite possibly my favorite characters so far!), Draper’s earnest secretary, Peggy (who turns out not to be that dumb or innocent after all), the overambitious Account Executive, Pete, and a bunch of others that I just don’t care about yet.

America’s ignorant attitude towards smoking, women, Blacks, Jews and homosexuals are the prevalent themes in this series and while all that definitely keeps me watching, this is why I really watch;

1. Christina Hendricks’ unlimited ass and boobage

Frankly, I’m tired of the obsession with being skinny and I miss seeing women with real body parts on television. Not to mention, her perfect, perfect, features.


This is what we should all really look like!

2. real red lipstick

3. Menken’s Department Store ( Bergdorf Goodman)

4. $30,000 apartments on the UES

5. A booming media industry

6. Happy Hour–all day, everyday


One thought on “Netflexin': Mad Men

  1. youve got me hooked..i love this show now..
    there are still some places i nthe world..jsut like this.
    and i love the bold lips and gorgeous dresses on the women.

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