How to survive a website launch/redesign

webste_creation_paint_12I’ve worked/interned at five websites and been through two launches and four redesigns and let me tell you they are no joke. My current freelance gig is helping out with a major re-design and I’ve been mostly doing data entry, uploading new images, slideshows, landing page copy, etc. A redesign/new site launch is exciting but very, very tedious simply because of all the technical stuff that goes along with it.

Here’s a few tips to help you get through it:

Note every little detail. Keep track of all the bugs you encounter while working in the Content Management system as well as the general navigation of the site.

Look for ways to improve, constantly. Giving your site a new face involves a lot of time, effort and cash, so make sure you can fix and evolve the site as much as you can, while you’re still working with the website developers and designers. Most of the time,  it’s hard to make a big change after the site is already up and running, not to mention really expensive.

Break it up. You can’t do it all yourself so make sure you have tons of extra help and extra sets of eyes.

Test it. Before you make an announcement to the world, test out the site for a few days so that you can make any major corrections.


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