MFA vs. MA in Journalism

I’ve been itching to go back to school lately and I don’t think there will be a better time than now. Getting a full-time job at this point is practically hopeless, so I will probably continue to freelance for a while. I also don’t want to take on any more student loans–I have more than enough from my undergraduate studies! The City University of New York has some great programs which are cheap. Attempting to get an Ivy-League graduate degree is practically useless for me–since this is mostly for my own knowledge, not to further my career, really.

I’ve been thinking of getting a Master’s of Fine Arts or a Master’s Degree in Journalism. But, I can’t decide which will be better for me.

MA in Journalism at CUNY
– My undergraduate program wasn’t very diverse so the extra education will help.
– Networking opportunities.
– Internship might help.

– most magazines consider an MA worthless.
– will be going backwards in trying to obtain an internship.

Masters of Fine Arts (Creative Writing)
– will learn fiction writing, something I’ve always to do.
– will have a chance to really hone writing and learn from great writers and editors.
– can develop my first novel through the progra.

– won’t really help me get a job.
– very time-consuming.

I’m leaning towards an MFA. What do you think I should pursue? Journalism or Creative Writing?


3 thoughts on “MFA vs. MA in Journalism

  1. I don’t really know much about the writing/journalism world, but I think an MA might be more versatile (at least I know that it is in the MA vs. MDiv situation). But I might be biased, because I once wanted to apply to CUNY for a different program, until my husband dragged me to California. It’s a cool school, though.

    And thanks for stopping at my blog. 🙂

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