Media Depression

The world might be going through a recession, but the media industry is definitely going through a depression.

As I was waiting for the elevator at my freelance job at the online magazine (which totally sucks by the way, despite being a major women’s lifestyle magazine!), I realized there was no way I could leave journalism at this point. Rather, I need to think of ways to move my career on my own–without the help of any Conde Nast’s, Hearsts or Hachette Fillipachi’s.

Yes, magazines like Domino and Cosmogirl have shut down, but we have to keep hope that once this recession is over, there will be bigger and better publications to work for.

Compared to last year, 2009 has been better for me–I haven’t been unemployed yet! Moving from freelance job to job sucks, but it is something. I haven’t had to resort to taking a non-editorial job yet and my freelance writing has started to take off in the way I want!

Just gotta hold on.


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