Try Freedom

Writing is hard work. And the hardest part of it has been the inability to write. The constant facebookin’, chatting,  job searching, online shopping makes it so hard to actually write for a solid twenty minutes. writer Rebecca Traister discovered a software called ‘Freedom’, invented by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Ph.D. candidate Fred Stutzman, that stops you from browsing the Internet, networking or anything else that’s distracting for a set amount of time. She had an interesting experience with this software (which, by the way, can only be used on a MAC–bummer). I’m going to try it out on my MAC at work. It’s free, although donations are recommended.

Just the thing most of us need, huh? Maybe I’d be able to actually finish writing the dozens of personal essays I started in the last year or so.

Check out the article.


2 thoughts on “Try Freedom

  1. I have a writing program for Mac that goes full screen, so that you can’t see your other windows and notifications. Not that that really stops me, though.

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