A Few Hasty Words

I might have been a little hasty with my statements in my last post. Feeling desperate in this economy and under my circumstances isn’t so surprising, but things have been looking up.

I found a freelance position at a great magazine website for another month or two. I will be helping them work on their redesign. My ex-employer also wants me to write stories for the site on a regular basis. It’s tough being a freelancer, especially starting out and I tend to lose my patience quickly. But, there’s always a silver lining.

After a few conversations with my mother recently, I realized she truly is proud of me and what I do. She frets over the fact that I struggle so much and she wishes I had picked something easier. It’s definitely nice to know that I do have her support.

My relationship, is yes, still disintegrating. I’d rather not get into the specifics of why it’s ending, but I can no longer prolong the enevitable. D. has been sending me flowers, calling me, making me promises that we both know very well that he won’t be able to keep, which makes it really hard for me to stand my ground. One of my biggest fears has always been to end up a divorcee but I keep telling myself that I am young and have lots of time to find a good life partner. It’s better to wait for someone truly special than to stick to someone just because of familiarity.


One thought on “A Few Hasty Words

  1. Hi Jenn,

    I don’t know too much about your personal life, but I do want to say this: It is never too late to start again.

    You’re making good and sane decisions, you’re thinking about what’s good for you, and there is never a need to apologize for that.

    When I first began freelancing, I had very little support. My life was a bit of a mess. But there is always one rule I have lived by: do what feels right to you and let the rest take care of itself.

    So do what you feel is best for you. And let the rest follow. It won’t all happen at once, but you’ll get there if you keep faith in yourself.

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