Laying Off Spree

Out of all the uncomfortable work situations I’ve ever been in, this has to be the worst.

The company heads called each person in individually today to discuss the terms of their contract and employment. The ditzy fashion editor was let go, the editorial assistant was given a choice of accepting her position as a glorified secretary or leaving, the new managing editor (who I helped produce a work flow) was secured, and me–the Associate Producer/Editor have no clue where I stand.

They brought me in, told me how amazing I was and that they appreciated all my hard work and that tomorrow they would discuss with the managing editor  how much content the site will actually producing. Then, they will decide if they will keep me on or not. In all my excitement over this new position,  I forgot that I was basically on a three-month contract that ends next week.  I automatically assumed that because of all the work and time I was putting in at the website, I would automatically be kept around.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, folks.

They told me not to get  ‘anxious’ because they hadn’t made their decision yet. How could I not be anxious?!? I was potentially losing my job, one that I liked and was fairly comfortable with. They had given me the smoke signals without telling me what they meant. So, now I should wait around until they give me a clear-cut answer.

Getting laid off from two jobs back to back? I don’t think I can handle it.


One thought on “Laying Off Spree

  1. Geez – this economy makes me ache a little more each minute that passes. I was also sat down yesterday and told I’ll be handling some work from another department since they’re worried because of the lacking work in my current dept., I might soon become expendable.

    I hope things work out for you!!

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