'No, Thank You' to Fries and Chocolate Cake

chocolatecake1I’ve failed at more diets than I care to remember. I don’t  consider myself to be a yo-yo dieter because to be one, you must have had actually dieted. What I have done is come up with grand diet schemes and exercise plans, most of which didn’t even last a week.

But, I’m on day three of a fabulous new healthy lifestyle.I will admit, I haven’t exactly stuck to the game plan. I haven’t gone to the gym all week. I ate an ice cream sandwich one day. But, what I have done is avoided starches(bread,potatoes), got rid of my can-a-day soda habit and brought breakfast and lunch from home all day. I’ve been more successful these last few days than I’ve ever been before.

And today, I passed the ultimate test.

I went to dinner with my newly engaged friend (her wedding is in July–before mine!) and I prepared myself for what was to come. I pre-warned one of my bff’s that I was on a new diet and that even one bite would be my downfall. I forfeited my glass of Sangria after toasting our newly-engaged bff–I’m not a big drinker, but Sangria is my favorite. We ordered steamed dim sum for appetizers and I allowed myself two of the teeny-tiny ones. Out came the fries. The crispy smell of those heavenly fried potatoes wafted underneath my nostrils but I held firm. My bff’s dipped away inside delicious little bowls of ketchup, mayonnaise and some other sauces that I stayed away from. It seemed like an eternity before those fries could finish. But, finally they did.

Next, came our entrees. I allowed myself a helping of mashed potatoes with my grilled steak and boiled vegetable medly, but my friends were scarfing down delicious crabmeat burgers, swiss cheese burgers, fries and God knows what else. I concentrated on my steak and veggies and savored every morself of the mashed potatoes that I allowed myself. So far, so good.

I was hoping that no one would want dessert. But, my genetically blessed bff’s didn’t let me go that easy. They teeter tottered between the tiramisu and molten chocolate cake and I prayed that they would choose tiramisu because I hated it.They chose the route I was hoping they would but at the last minute, Bibi increased my angst.

“On second thought, I could go for some chocolate molten cake. Let’s have that.” And so it arrived.

Boy, did it look good. It was moist and had the exact amount of fudge that it required and the scoop of vanilla ice cream sat prettily on the side. The waiter set the plate down right in front of me, along with four spoons.

A clock inside my head ticked. I waited for that moment when I would be defeated; when I would tell myself that just one bite would not hurt that much; when I would lose control and that one bite would turn into half the cake and then the eating would continue into the weekend because I would allow myself yet another weekend before the new diet started on Monday. I could feel the all-you-can-eat-buffet inside my head starting to form.

I turned my eyes away from the cake and started talking to  Farah. I became engrossed in our conversation about the latest guy that she was being set up with and soon the cake was gone. The skinny heifers had scarfed it down.

I had done it! I had made it through an entire meal without putting one fattening thing in my mouth. But wait–there was one piece of chocolate cake left. Please, someone, eat it; just eat it. I stared it down, challenging it to succumb me when Misan swooped it up with her spoon and popped it into her mouth. She had saved the day!

And that how is how I passed my first major dieting challenge.


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