Finding My Writing Niche

I’m finally saying it out loud–I no longer fawn over the fashion and beauty spreads in my beloved fashion magazines.

I grew up, imitating as much as I could, monthly fashion and beauty looks  from Glamour, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan and looked forward to the shopping pages to make amends and additions to my wardrobe. But that has changed quite a bit.  I now enjoy reading the middle-of-book or ‘well’ stories as well as the front-of-book stories that aren’t necessarily fashion-related, more.

That’s definitely not to say, I don’t still enjoy fashion. In college, I thought I wanted to become a fashion editor but when I started working as a magazine journalist, I realized that styling was really not my ‘thing’–I hated spending time in the fashion closet. I definitely consider myself a fashionista (a roomful of Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Oscar De La Renta and Dior is still my coveted fantasy), but I just happen to like words more.

I will say that I love color, therefore I love beauty. I wrote my own beauty blog for a whole year and quite enjoyed it and I’m trying to revive it. But, my surprising discovery was that that I love writing about love, sex and relationships more. I wrote a weekly sex column at a popular online magazine last summer and really, really loved it. It’s where I was my wittiest and my most knowledgeable.While I still want to be a women’s magazine ‘all-rounder’ writer and develop my expertise in beauty, health and sex/love, it’s good for me to know where my strengths are.

Wondering what your niche subject is? Here’s a few questions I asked myself while deciding;

1. What sort of articles or topics do you find the most interesting to read?

2. What comes the most natural to you?

3. What subject can you easily find ideas for?
Venturing into an unfamiliar subject territory is something I definitely recommend, but it never hurts to know what your strong points are.


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