Hello, Mon Amout

Guess who’s going to Paris in mid-May? That is right–moi!

My best friend, N. and I have always talked about visiting the most romantic city in the world together after we graduated from college, but it just never happened. But, we recently realized that when I get ‘officially married’ and move to Atlanta at the end of the year, the chances of us taking a trip together will be very small.

So, we’ve decided to heed President Obama’s advice, 

‘Yes we ARE going to Paris!’

Our particular fascination with Paris stems from the fact that Nafiz grew up in Montreal and speaks fluent French. She also majored in French in college and works as a translator, yet she’s never been to France! I went in 2003 with my parents and while it was the best three days of my entire traveling life, I’ve been itching to go back and experience it in a different way and who better to go with than my Frenchie bestie?

My best friend from high school is busy planning my bachelorette weekend in the U.S. but this will be a special trip for Nafiz and I. I would’ve loved for my sister to be able to join us, but with school and her financial situation; it’s just not feasible. I wish I could pay for her but I can’t! 

The website I work for has finally launched and I’ve been able to breathe at work for the past few days and so I’ve been planning away! My favorite part of any vacation is the planning bit; I love creating itineraries. I’ve managed to book our hotel in a central location in Paris at a reasonable rate and have figured out flight details for both N. and I which was hard because she lives in Toronto and I live in NYC and we really want to travel together. Luckily, I found connecting flights that will allow us to do that.

Traveling with a friend can either be the best experience or the worst but I know that N. and I won’t have any issues. She is the most easygoing person I know and in our 12 years of friendship, we’ve already figured out how to handle each other.

One of the things I really want to do is get pissed drunk underneath the Eiffel Tower at night, which is something I couldn’t do with my parents in ’03. And of course, shop! I’ll have to remind myself to be careful about that since I do have a wedding to partly pay for, but I can certainly indulge in at at least one piece of French couture.

Eiffel Tower, here we come!


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