How I Organized My New Freelancing Life

My savior

My savior

I love google.  Seriously, is there anything you can’t do through them?

As a newbie part time freelance writer, I needed a system that was easy, quick and accessible from both my day job and home. Googie turned out to be my best bet.

Gmail: Easy search feature, no limit and hasn’t crashed on me yet.

Calendar: For all my scheduling needs and deadlines.

Notebook: For all my random thoughts throughout the day at work. I can just go home and organize it whenever.

Documents: I edit, upload, edit, upload–no matter where I am.

I might need a more sophisticated level of bookkeeping in the future, but for now this works perfectly.

What do the rest of you use and any good organizing pointers/tips?


2 thoughts on “How I Organized My New Freelancing Life

  1. One of the best things I’ve done has been sign in delicious, and install the plugin for Firefox. With this, every web I see which can be helpful is saved. So I can tag any tutorial, tip, or whatever and search for it easily from the sidebar.
    With Read It Later (plugin for Firefox) I pick webs which I want to read during the day. It’s able to synchronize on every computer where it is installed (using a User and a Password). So I can see something in a break during the day, pick it, and then read it at home, or see it at home late at night, and take it for printing in my Job to read it in the train =P I try to make the most of every empty time, not only reading for preparing myself for the freelancing, but also reading something I like, which I think is still important too.
    I have a Nokia N73, and with Nokia Multimedia transfer I can sync google calendar with my computer and with the Mobile Phone. So my phone works as a scheduler too, for reminders, alerts, etc.

    I hope some of this tips help you too =)

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