All over the place

I struggle with organization. I really do. I knew freelancing on top of a full-time job would be no piece of cake, but I had no idea it would be this hard. Then again, I think I should give myself a break. I was unemployed for months with a few freelance gigs here and there and I’ve recently just gotten back to the work force, in full steam. On top of that, the holiday season just ended, so this is really the my first full week of work.

I’m trying to juggle way too many things at the same time. There’s so much I want to accomplish, yet so little time. I have so many ideas; I’m just having trouble executing them. I try not to think about my freelance projects during work hours, since I want to keep this great job, but it’s hard not to!

Meanwhile, I’ve sent out two really good queries (one to an editor who reached out to me!) and still haven’t heard back. What gives? I’ve contacted the right editors and my pitch letters are pretty good. I’ve followed up twice already. How hard is it to say a simple yes or no? It’s been more than five weeks that I sent out the first pitches and I’m ready to pitch the stories elsewhere, but I’m not sure what I should do.

One thing I’m really struggling with is how to know what the lead times are for magazines. Websites are a bit easier, but I’m struggling with the magazines. The easiest thing would be just to call the magazine, but I have a hard time doing that because I’m at work during the day.

Being productive as not as easy as it sounds!


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