Well, not quite, but a few good pitches I’ve come up with recently have already been assigned to other writers. Doesn’t that piss you off? How do you ever really know? Since I’m still new, I spend a lot of time on my pitch letter and for it to get rejected simply because someone else had the same idea gets me frustrated. I keep reading, don’t take rejection personally, but it’s much easier said than done. I don’t even realize I take it personally half the time. 

So how do you make an idea different? There are only so many topics general lifestyle mags cover. It’s the same things, in a new light. How do you get that new light?

I guess I just have to keep trying.


3 thoughts on “Idea–Stolen

  1. First of all I think you have the right to submit your ideas, but over the years at University I have found out that many ideas are bought up year aftert year. It is how one person uses the idea in another way and makes it unique to themselfs and others.

    I also am an aspiring writer who had gone through a reject at a young age, yes it is upseting but after a bit you will look back on the work and think about how to make it special.

  2. I had the same case before. I pitched an idea, waited for response or even just an acknowledgement.I didn’t receive any and I am surprised two weeks after to see my idea being featured in the front page of the publication.

    I was liked being ripped off.

  3. It sucks, doesn’t it? I once pitched a few ideas to a magazine, nothing happened, and then my ideas popped up six or seven months later in the magazine…written by someone else. If it had happened less than four months later, I might have chalked it up to a coincidence, but only the really big magazines would have stories mapped out more than about four or five months in advance. And this was not a big magazine. Hang in there. Just keep trying.

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