Doing My Own Taxes? Oh, No.

I got a job. A good job. It’s a freelance Associate Web Editor/Producer at a new fashion and beauty website that’s launching in February, along the lines of and I am super excited! Today’s my first day and I just get a great vibe from the whole place. I actually found an old co-worker! Plus, everyone here has very impressive backgrounds, so I feel confident that this won’t be a fluke.

This was perfect timing and I can gain some really great experience before I move out to Atlanta in the summer. The genre is perfect–fashion and beauty–and so is the position. 

I am notoriously horrible at handling my finances and now that I an independent contractor (for reals!), I am dreading tax time. I’ve plotted in my head to set aside a certain amount from each paycheck so that I can pay my taxes and not be tempted to kill myself. But, I’m still worried. I’ve always skipped over the ‘managing your finances’ part of any article, blog or book I’ve read on freelancing and I think it’s time I start digging in!

Any suggestions/comments?


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