Why I'm Ready To Freelance

1 pitch accepted, another almost accepted, a few sent out, a dozen in the research stage and two contracted gigs later, I am officially a freelancer! Aside from the monthly blogging gig at the bridal site, I am also writing and editing the newsletters for a major lifestyle website. I should also be starting as a freelance web editor at the new magazine based in Atlanta, January 1st. Things are starting to look up!

One of my favorite freelance writing bloggers, Mridu, wrote a post on what makes a good freelance personality and here are my thoughts on myself.

– I like working alone which contrasts my extrovert personality. But, when it comes to socializing at work, I like to keep to myself. I think that’s because I’m afraid I’ll be a Chatty Cathy and go on and on. So, I’d rather just keep a distance. Besides, I don’t trust most people in the magazine world–it’s just too competitive!

– I’m good at marketing myself. My friends and co-workers were always astonished at how I constantly got interviews, whether or not they panned out into jobs. I can write a mean cover letter, which should mean my query letters should also be quite decent. I actually like pitching and researching story ideas. It’s my favorite part of the entire process.

– I suck at working underneath someone. I can’t address my concerns to my boss openly. If I can’t handle something, I take it on anyway and then I end up either working harder than necessary or just plain sucking at the task.

– I can deal with rejection over an e-mail or the phone. In person, my face reveals way too much and I start sweating. Not a pretty sight.

– I like working at my own pace and schedule. I will admit I’m not the best at deadlines, but if I know it’s necessary, it will get done.

– I love to multitask and do different things on a daily basis.

– I love seeing my name in print. The End đŸ™‚

Things I’m worried about:

– Random payment schedule. I am NOT good at budgeting. Then again, that’s what the hubby is for.

– Rejection. Too many no’s will surely make me doubt my skills at times.

– Not getting dressed up and getting out of the house. I can become a real bum sitting at home!


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