Happy Turkey Day!


I come from a more roast chicken type of family myself, but my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner are all the sides; mashed potatoes, green been casserole, baked macaroni and cheese, biscuits, mixed pasta, pumpkin pie–yum!

This is the last Thanksgiving I will be spending with my mom and sis while I still live in New York. I am trying my best to do everything to make my mother happy in the last 7-8 months before I get married and haul my butt to Atlanta. She has been through a lot in life. I spent yesterday night in the emergency room with her. She got scared because of some chest pain she had the whole day and they ran a series of tests on her. The doctors say she is fine but my mother has had high blood pressure since her late 20’s plus heart disease runs in her family, so any little thing scares her. As we were on the way to to the hospital, her eyes welled up with tears;

“Take care of your sister if anything happens to me. Make sure she finishes college.”

“Mom, stop acting like a big baby. You’re fine. You’re only 45!”, I was glad I was wearing my thick-rimmed glasses so she wouldn’t see me slightly choke up.

Turns out she is fine and is just stressing about my wedding. As much as I fight with her, I am the most thankful for her in my life, because I would be nowhere without her. My mother is an extraordinary woman with an extraordinary story. Here’s what else I’m thankful for this year:

– That my motheraccepted D. as her son-in-law and has put all bitter feelings aside.

– That I’m getting my dream wedding without asking for it.

-That I realized who my true friends are.

– That I have a sister close in age that I can play and fight with.

– That I have the ability to nurture a gift; my writing.

– That my first full-fledged pitch was accepted!

– That I have just finished drawing up my second pitch and am halfway done with my third!

– That I will soon be starting a new life with the type of man I’ve always wanted to be with.

What are you all thankful for?


Pitching during the holiday season?

I’ve been making some serious moves in the freelancing department. My blog pitch to the bridal website got accepted! They’re offering me less than I expected, but it’s a good way to fully start my freelance writing. I’m also talking to a publisher in Atlanta who is starting a new fashion magazine next year. She has hired me for the web editor position and both the website and magazine should launch early next year. The best part is that I can work from home from New York now and by the time I get to Atlanta, there should be an office fully functioning. It’s the ideal situation! Again, I’m a little wary since it is a start-up but it’s a freelance assignment so if it ends up fluking out, I won’t be losing much. But, I really hope it goes well!

I also have two other pitches half drawn up and a slew of stories that I’ve done the research for. I’m hoping to finish the pitches for two of the stories by tomorrow, but I’m wondering if it’s worth sending this out during the holiday season? Editors will be in and out of vacation and I am afraid of my emails getting lost. Neither of my ideas are ‘timely’, per say, so I might be able to wait on them.

What do you suggest I do, fellow writers and editors? Wait to pitch after the holiday season is over or just send it along anyway?

Obama Obama!

8 years of Bush-dom has come to an end and so has my insomnia.

For the past few years, I’ve had a great deal of trouble sleeping. I used to be able to sleep through anything. You had to work real hard to try to wake up. But, in the last 4-5 years, all that changed. I get up several times in the middle of the night now and even when I’m asleep, I can still feel all the energies around me.

Last night, I plomped into bed and was gone–immediately. It’s not like I was extremely tired. I have been on ‘vacay’ for a week now, after moving to Atlanta. I’m enjoying all the benefits of being a housewife. Peace and quiet during the day, free to do whatever I want until the husband rolls into the house. Since D. is significantly neat (more so than me), cleaning is not an issue. I also cook when I feel like it because he is an excellent cook and we usually have plenty of leftovers. I know, I got extremely lucky.

Like the rest of America, this election was the most important one in my life so far. I remember Clinton getting elected twice and Bush. And while Bush’s re-election condemned my career and bank accounts, Obama’s campaign came at a time when I really needed hope. I’m newly married, 2 years out of college and looking for a job. I hope to buy my very first house and car in the next three years, my husband’s small business is struggling and I’m trying to find a nonexistent job in an unrelentless market. Not just any job, mind you. A job in an already-struggling market, made worse by the recent financial crisis.

Obama gives me faith that all my newly-formed dreams can be lived out, with or without his help.

Here’s to a new era-for America and myself!