Out of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire?

After two weeks at the entertainment website, yesterday was my last day.

It was getting to be way too much. Now, I’ve held jobs and internships before where I have worked until close to midnight and came in early the next day. But, this start-up website was just too unprofessional. The editor would call me at all times of the day and night and ask me to write stories for her. She’s called me at 2AM on a Saturday (both weekends), during my friend’s wedding to ask me a question about a photo image size (!) and at other random times. My goal was not to be at this job forever, it was more like an in-between job and I wanted to freelance and job-hunt in my free time, but I never got free time! I virtually worked 24/7 for the last two weeks.

So, I told the editor last week that this week would be my last. I asked her if I could stay on with her as a freelancer and write articles for the site from home. They considered it and told me today that that couldn’t be worked out. I worked from home yesterday because I came down with a fever and this morning, when I went into the office, they gave me the ax early! I’m assuming they didn’t let me finish up the week for payroll purposes.

My sister also started as an intern there and they gave her the ax too! The editor claimed they will be restructuring and that they won’t be needing interns at the moment, but it’s all too obvious she got the ax because she’s my sister.

This company and the editor are such liars, it’s unbelievable. Fortunately, I did not get duped on my pay and got my salary right on time, but every other thing they promised me is an outright lie! The editor claims to have worked at places such as Vogue and CNN (in two difference cities), but I’ve seen her resume and not so surprisingly, those experiences are nowhere to be seen.

I just needed to get out of there. It’s been rough for me since May. This is the second job that I’ve left. Although, the first one was an internship/freelance assignment and was ending anyway. Like most people, I am wary of start-ups, but I thought I’d give this a try!

The good news is that I went on an interview last week for a community editor position for a national magazine’s website and I got called back for a second interview next week! I also have a copywriting job interview this Friday.

I’m going to take this time to pitch a few stories I’ve researched but haven’t had the chance to finish up. I also pitched a blog idea to the bridal mag that rejected me. I figured I’d give it a chance and she really liked the idea! She’s asked me to draw up a more formal pitch and have also asked for rates. I am thinking of asking for $75-$100 per post.

I might be jobless but I’m not hopeless!


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