Cosmogirl Goes, Who’s Next?

I should change the name of this blog to ‘Angry Blogging Writer’ or something. It seems like I don’t really have anything good to say about journalism or the industry right now.

Cosmogirl is dead, as various media outlets have already told us, and that is definitely making me (and every other magazine editor out there) very nervous. The good news is that the website is still going to be around and since I’m primarily a web editor, I probably have less to worry about than most people.

I love working on the web and I never realized how much until I went back into print for a little bit for my freelancing/interning gig. There’s so much more creative control on every level and online journalism changes everyday. Web editors also have much more skills, yet why do print editors still look down on us?

I just finished my first week as an editor at my new job at the entertainment website. It’s been hectic and crazy and the managing editor LOVES to micromanage, but it’s a good gig. The salary sucks, but in this economy it could be worse.

I’ve been meaning to write a little about my personal life on here and I think today’s the day. I mentioned a fiance, but I’m actually MARRIED. On July 13, 2007, I eloped with my boyfriend of 10 months. Why did I do it? That’s a whole complicated mess that needs to be addressed at another time. I live in NY while my husband lives in Atlanta and since eventually we want to settle down in Atlanta, we decided to keep our relationship under wraps from everyone in our lives for 1-2 years until I’m ready to move to the South. While there are possibilities of having a great career in journalism down there (CNN, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jezebel, etc.), I thought it would be wiser to build up my resume in New York first.

My parents found out the truth this May and I have been battling it out with them ever since. I am from Bangladesh and the first generation child of immigrant parents and they are as strict as Muslim parents are potrayed to be. My husband comes from the same background as I do, but he came here in his early 20’s and never went to college here. He runs a successful small business in Atlanta, but to my well-educated family, we’re very mismatched.

To this day, as I still live at home with my mom and sis, my family is trying to convince me to get divorced. Every other day, there is a serious shouting match in my house (I am just recovering from one, as I type) and on top of my stressful career situation, it’s all a little hard for me to handle.

This all somehow ties back to CG! shutting down because it makes me worry that I might have to wait a long time, to get a coveted job at one of my dream publications or websites.

I think it’s time for me to put my Atlanta media industry research to use and make the move down there.


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