Busy Little Bee

Belated Eid Mubarak to all my fellow Muslims!

My long-distance fiance (more on him some other time) was here for five days last week and while I had an great time, I had no time to get anything done! I was off all last week, since I quit my internship. I started my new job as a Junior Editor at the international entertainment website this Monday. ! It feels so amazing to be back in an editorial position, to have actual duties eand to to WRITING AND EDITING! I’ve written a couple of news briefs already.

I’m still a little iffy about staying too long at a start-up, but it definitely is great experience, not to mention the tops I write about are really fun.

The bridal magazine has left no stone unturned in ticking me off.  The editor didn’t respond to any of my my e-mails (I’ve only sent two) over the last couple of weeks. She finally wrote back today saying that they are down to their final candidates (again) and that they will be making a final decision tomorrow. I’ve been hearing that for the last three weeks! I interviewed for the position on August 25th! DOes it really take that long?

I really doubt I’m going to get it. My fiance says they probably even have someone working there already, but are not telling us in case the person doesn’t work out. In this industry, it’s entirely possible. But, would I take it if I did by some miracle get it? I think so. It would a minimum of a $10K pay increase at a well known title and the job description is great, too. But, I would feel a little guilty leaving the website, especially because the editorial director is so swamped!

I actually have a few other things in the works and some phone interviews coming up. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in the industry for two years, it’s to never stop looking.


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