I was surprisingly melancholy on the last day of my internship. Over two months, I had made a couple of good friends who endured my ranting and raving about how unfair the magazine industry is, gloating every time I scored an interview and play-by-plays of every article idea I got. I filled in for an Editorial Assistant today and was assisting a senior-level editor. The day was pretty quiet, except the two times when she asked me to get her food and/or drinks. It just made me realize how lucky I was at my EA job; I never had to be anyone’s lackey.

I promised I wouldn’t speak ill during this post, so I won’t. All complaints aside, I really glad I got a chance to intern at the magazine not only because it gave me a great preview of how a huge fashion magazine works, but it definitely pumped up my resume. I don’t regret this experience at all, but had wished that I knew how the magazine industry worked while I was still in college. I am lucky enough to have lived in NYC my whole life and I could’ve easily racked up internships at several well known publications. If only I had known about ED2010 earlier!

I can’t take back the past but I can look forward to the future!


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