Things have been unusually slow around work this week, probably because the huge gift guide project is over. The editorial assistants still have us running around, but it’s spontaneous, so there’s much more room for dilly-dallying. I’m trying to leave a good impression before I go, but it’s just so hard to concentrate or give a hoot when I know I’ll be gone soon! I don’t have much to worry about, though. I’ve done a pretty stellar job so far and haven’t ran into any major problems (except for ms. bitchy freelancer) and the internship coordinator genuinely likes me. Another fellow intern and I think it’s because I’m a ‘person of color’, since she’s black herself and all about promoting minorities. That’s the first thing she told me in my interview!

Anyhow, I was really bummed and irritated all morning because I was dying to hear back from the bridal mag already (more on that later) when my intern friend, Emily, asked me if I want to take a trip to Bloomingdales with her to exchange a pair of gorgeous Stella McCartney pumps she bought the day before.

What a great pick-me-up that was! We went there to discover that Bloomie’s was having one of its biggest sales of the year, so we both decided to do some serious damage to our wallets, all $7.15 an hour of it! Yes, I’m serious. That is our internship wage. We are supposedly ‘lucky’ to get paid.

I am obsessed with Marc Jacobs and usually love every single item in the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, but the only thing I actually own is a handbag. I got my first pair of M by MJ shoes today! I am so elated, especially because I paid $79.50 for $220 shoes!

They’re much prettier in person and a really good, comfortable pair of classic, black pumps. I have a serious comfort issue with shoes because of an unusually large toe and flat feet, so buying shoes is always an extraordinary feat.

I also got these Calvin Klein booties, but in black:

Originally $120, i paid $43!!!

I also got a cute cardigan from C&C California, a Splendicity wrap and my very first Diane Von Furstenberg piece – a silk top! Needless to say, Em and I were all smiles when we got back to the office. 

Now, onto the bridal mag job situation. I might have blown my chances today by prematurely e-mailing her to ask about the status of their decision. The executive editor told me last Thursday that they need another week or so and I really should’ve waited until Monday to e-mail her. I was just losing my mind and wasn’t able to do that. She wrote me back today saying it takes time to interview candidates, review their edit tests and have them meet with the CEO. Back up a minute, I didn’t meet the CEO!?!?! She also mentioned again how strong of a candidate I am and that I should accept my other offer until they make a decision and that they will let me know by early next week.

The CEO thing really threw me off guard. If I’m a ‘strong candidate’, why haven’t I met the CEO yet?

I really thought I had this job in the bag, but I guess the elusive dream job hunt continues.

I couldn’t very well finish off this post with just one minor rant or complaint, now could I? I was perusing the website I used to work for today and lo and behold I saw the NEW Assistant Editor penn a story that I had done the entire research for. I went to the trade shows, I contacted the PR people but couldn’t finish the story because I was laid off within that time frame. It irked me a little but I do understand the story needed to get done.

Why did they not re-hire me, you ask? It wasn’t that I was a bad employee, in fact I still keep in touch with my old editor. But I was working at a shelter magazine website and it was becoming very obvious that shelter wasn’t my niche. In fact, I was looking to move away from it, just not in the form of a lay-off! So, it makes sense that they would hire someone that has more passion for writing about dishes and curtains than I do. I definitely still do want to write about home design, just not exclusively so and would much rather do it for a women’s-interest publication.

Two more days until the internship from hell ends!


2 thoughts on “Internship-itis

  1. Hey,
    I like your blog, however you are lucky to be getting paid at your internship. I am interning for a high fashion magazine doing 4 days a week 9am to sometimes 10pm at night and not getting a penny for it. So you are lucky!

  2. I totally agree with you that I am lucky. It’s just a little hard because I graduated over a year ago and was actually an EA and had to go to back to being an intern. Are you interning at Lucky? I love that magazine! Are you a graduate?

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