What’s The Hold Up?

I interviewed for a Web Editor/Producer position at a bridal magazine about a month ago. I sent in an awesome edit test and had a pretty good rapport with the editors. It’s a subject that’s right up my allet since I’m getting married next year! The executive editor told me at the time of my interview that she needs to hire someone ASAP and asked if I would be able to leave my internship within two weeks? I said, of course, but a month later, they still need more time to decide. I told her last week that I received another job offer and that I was holding off until I hear back from them first. She requested another week to make a decision and said I was a very strong candidate. Ha! I’ve heard that before and didn’t get a position I thought I was a shoe in for. Really, I understand that editors are very busy people (I was an editorial assistant not too long ago), but do they forget how hard it is to wait for a job response? If I truly am a strong candidate (which I know I am, particularly for this position!), just hire me already!

I declined the temp. web editor positon because I got another full-time job offer, as well! It’s an entry-level journalist/entertainment reporter at an international bollywood/hollywood website. Its a 5-year-old start up and they have offices in India, London (where it was started) and New York. The pay is typically entry level with three weeks vacation, sick days and full health benefits. It sounds great but I asm scared to work at a start-up and I know this sounds horribly snobby, but with fellow South Asian people. The Editorial Director called me on sunday at home to ask me if I’m accepting the offer, when I clearly need more time to decide. Her desperation makes me very skeptical. I know it’s hard to find young writers interested and knowledgable about Bollywood, but still. Also, the work environment is a little shabby. It’s basically an open space, with no cubicles or office space.

On the other hand, becoming a bollywood journalist is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do! My sister and I always dreamed about working for Filmfare or Stardust magazine and I actually have a similar opportunity without picking up and moving to India! In my position, I get to write opinionated articles on bollywood, urban desi and hollywood and I will be able to interview celebrities. So while the pay and work environment is a tad disapppointing, the job description is certainly not.

I am still holding my breath about the bridal magazine, because it is still my first choice! It just feels good to know that this will be my last week as an intern 🙂


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