No more exposure, please!

The magazine industry is notoriously hard to break into, especially women’s fashion magazines. Interning after graduation is commonplace, as is having 3-4 internships on a hopeful Editorial Assistant’s resume. New York is full of girls (and boys) who just ‘love’ fashion and are incredibly passionate about writing. Oh, what most of us wouldn’t give to write headlines such as ’10 bags under $100!’ and now magazines such as Elle, In Style and and Marie Claire are just making it harder by promoting reality t.v. shows.  Elle had ‘Project Runway’ and now ‘Stylista’ and Marie Claire is coming out with ‘Walking in High Heels’ and two In Style editors are doing cameos in Gossip GIrl. How much more can a aspiring women’s magazine editor take? We don’t need more competition from wanna-be fashionistas who really don’t love or understand the industry and who have well-connected mommies and daddies to pull strings for them!


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